Krissy Perrine

Real Estate Broker & Property Manager

Krissy Perrine has been a licensed Realtor in California since 1987. Currently she manages, lists, and sells property in San Diego County.




If you are not acquainted with The Village Realtors, prepare to experience superior and pleasurable service.  It is my philosophy that I am an intermediary between buyers and sellers, and owners and tenants.  I work very hard to serve all with sincerity, honesty and integrity. 


I am Krissy Perrine and the Broker/Owner of The Village Realtors.  I have been in the Real Estate business since 1987.  I started in sales and then switched to property management.  This allowed me the time to be home evenings and weekends to raise my two boys.  In 1990 I bought an existing property management business and now am doing sales again since my boys are older and now have children of their own.  I enjoy the Real Estate business and plan to be in the business for many years to come.  I work very hard to be superb help to all my clients and love the friendships that have grown over the years.  I have had many properties that I managed and then sold.

I am a HAM Radio Operator with a General Class License.  The sports I love are shooting (Endowment/Life member of the NRA) rock climbing, water skiing, golf and fishing.  I hope to meet you in the future!